Free E-Book – Nuts & Bolts of Database Mirroring

Nuts and Bolts of Database Mirroring E-Book  Saleem Hakani Download the free Nuts and Bolts of Database Mirroring book. Everything you need to know to configure, manage, and maintain database mirroring in your production environment. Bonus: Includes Disaster Recovery template that can be used for taking steps to recover from a disaster. (Author: Saleem Hakani) Click here to download Nuts and Bolts of Database... Read more

How to restore damaged pages from a backup

Are your database pages corrupt or damaged? Now you can restore damaged pages without impacting the availability of the database. SQL Server provides an extension to the RESTORE command that can help restore damaged pages from the backups. (Note: Only the portion that is being restored will be unavailable) Important things to Keep in Mind: You cannot restore log pages You cannot restore GAM, SGAM and PFS pages. You cannot restore Page 0 of all data files (Page 0... Read more

How to Recover Data from a Corrupt Database

Remember those days when the database would go in to suspect mode and you had to perform various steps to recover the database by putting the database in the emergency mode and then extracting the data out of that emergency database? Here’s a flash back on how we used to do in the past: Enable modifications to system catalogs. Change the status of the database in SysDatabases system object to 32768 Restart SQL Server services (This would put the database in... Read more

Failure inserting into the read-only column

At times when transferring data from one database to other using either Import Export wizard or using SQL Server Integration Services, you may encounter the following error: Failure inserting into the read-only column .(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) This happens when the source table has an identity column which is auto-generated at source and also at the destination. Since it’s auto-generated by system, import/export can’t overwrite identity... Read more