Free E-Book – Nuts & Bolts of Database Mirroring

Nuts and Bolts of Database Mirroring E-Book  Saleem Hakani Download the free Nuts and Bolts of Database Mirroring book. Everything you need to know to configure, manage, and maintain database mirroring in your production environment. Bonus: Includes Disaster Recovery template that can be used for taking steps to recover from a disaster. (Author: Saleem Hakani) Click here to download Nuts and Bolts of Database... Read more

Server side lightweight SQL Server tracing

There are times when you would want to capture database activity and the most popular tool that database engineers use is SQL Server Profiler. Note: SQL Server profiler has been deprecated and it is recommended to use Extended Events for tracing any database related activity. However, in this article, we will look into how we can use SQL Server profiler without the need to run from the SQL Server Profiler tool and how we can minimize the performance impact by... Read more