Friday, July 25, 2014

Understanding Advanced SQL Server Architecture

In this module, you will learn the following:

  • Configure a Database Server
  • Memory Architecture Overview
  • Memory Areas and Their Functions
  • Process and Thread Architecture
  • Controlling Resources in SQL Server 2008
  • Client and RDBMS Interactions
  • Background Processes/Threads and Their Functions


Configuring SQL Server 2008 Server

In this demonstration you will see how to:

  • Manage instance configurations through SSMS
  • Manage instance configurations through T-SQL scripts
  • Manage instance configurations through PowerShell


Memory Configuration in SQL Server 2008

In this tutorial you will see how to:

  • Review instance memory via T-SQL

Understanding Memory, Process, Thread Architecture, and Resource Governor in SQL Server 2008 (Advanced Architecture)

In this module you learn about configuring a database server, memory architecture overview, memory areas and their functions, process and thread architecture, controlling resources in SQL Server 2008, client and RDBMS interactions, and background processes/threads and their functions.


Tracking SQL Server Memory Performance

In this demonstration you will see how to:

  • View the setting for the Instance though SSMS
  • Use the Task Manager for quick Memory allocations
  • Track memory performance though counters
  • Improve memory usage in a 32-bit system

Tracking Processor Usage using SQL Server DMVs

In this demonstration you will see how to:

  • Use Dynamic Management Views to see processor usage

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