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SQL Server - Running Anti-Virus on SQL Server

By Saleem Hakani on 9/21/2014

Running Antivirus software is critical part of server security but it is also important to understand the impact and effect it has on SQL Server. Imagine this: You’ve installed Anti-Virus on a server that already has SQL Server running, once the server reboots, it is highly likely that the Anti-virus software depending upon the scanning schedule will scan the SQL Server folders and lock SQL Server files before SQL Server can gain access to those files. When this happens, SQL Server would not only be able to access those files but also, there’s a possibility of data corruption since both SQL Server and the Anti-Virus programs are trying to access the files by putting an exclusive lock on them.

Many DBA’s would simply exclude .MDF and .LDF files from being scanned by Anti-Virus but that’s not enough. There are other important files that can also have an impact on SQL Server.

Running Anti-Virus on SQL Server
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