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SQL Alert - SQL Server 2014 CU3 with 25+ Bug Fixes Released

By Saleem Hakani on 8/25/2014

SQL Server 2014 CU3 has been released. This release contains 25+ bug-fixes for SQL Server 2014 that includes bugs related to performance, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services, DQS, SQL Server Management Studio, In-Memory OLTP, Replication, SQL Server Setup, SQL Server Service, Etc.

SQL Server Community Recommendations/Guidance:Please test SQL Server 2014 CU3 thoroughly in your test environment against all production scenario before installing this in the production environment.

You may review the list of bugs fixes in SQL Server 2014 CU3 HERE.

Important before you Install SQL Server 2014 CU3: Please make sure you have a good backup copy of all system and user databases before you proceed with installing SQL Server 2014 CU3. Also, make sure you perform roll-up upgrade. One server upgrade, Test, if Successful, move to the next server. This will also help prevent/minimize any downtime required due to CU3 installation.

How to obtain a copy of SQL Server 2014 CU3?
You can obtain a copy of SQL Server 2014 CU3 by downloading it from the following download link:

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